Re: contextual sidebar menus

<quote who="Carlos Perell? Mar?n">

> > The (as yet unwritten, and I apologise for that) objective is to have
> > contextual sidebar content only, across the sites. All of this tree
> > stuff will end up disappearing. :-) [ The sidebars on w.g.o and d.g.o
> > are just outgrowths of legacy build system stuff atm, prettified but not
> > fixed. ]
> Hmmm could you give me an example?

Rather than having a site-wide tree, we'd have page- or tree- contextual
sidebar information, eg. on the release-team pages, we'd have links to the
latest unstable start page, special bugzilla pages, policies and so on...
But all of it would be managed for a tree (say, under start/ or projects/)
or on particular pages, rather than at a global level. I guess it is easier
to describe with actual pages, which I'll have to do for you soon. :-)

> As you know I'm working on GTP status pages integration inside
> pages and I need to add the navigation menu so I
> prefer start with the new menu idea (perhaps I could try to migrate all
> developer menus), but I need to know your ideas :-P

It's not going to matter too much until more of the build system is folded
in (and that will definitely happen on w.g.o first, because d.g.o is pretty
reasonable atm), so keep going for now. Content is far more important at
this stage! :-)


- Jeff

-- 2004: Adelaide, Australia
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