Re: Inclusion of "#sidebar {position: fixed;}" in "default.css"?

<quote who="Mariano Suarez-Alvarez">

> Wouldn't it be better to decide upon a maximum amount of navigation menu
> items and/or a maximum level of indentation? Having the whole site map on
> a sidebar is probably not a good idea.

The (as yet unwritten, and I apologise for that) objective is to have
contextual sidebar content only, across the sites. All of this tree stuff
will end up disappearing. :-) [ The sidebars on w.g.o and d.g.o are just
outgrowths of legacy build system stuff atm, prettified but not fixed. ]

- Jeff

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   "The most beautiful things about the world are deer and bunnies. Even
   in a carnivorous way I like them, they are my favourite meats. When I
      see them together I feel that is a safe place." - Vincent Gallo

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