Re: contact page draft

On Sat, 2003-10-11 at 00:46, Curtis C. Hovey wrote:
> I've put up a draft of a contact page.

A few editorial comments:

*) Probably prepending the emails with a little label explaining what
they are would be nice, as in

	Board of Directors: board gnome org
	GNOME Foundation mailing list: etc

*) I'd change the opening paragraph by a sentence: `The GNOME Foundation
can be contacted through the following email addresses and mailing
lists:' Or, if not, s/with/within/ in the first sentence.

*) Turn the parenthetical phrases attached to the related links into
full phrases, as in

        Getting involved: becoming a contributor to the GNOME Project.	
        Get Started!: Information and installation instructions for the
        latest release of the GNOME Desktop & Developer Platform.
*) In the How to Contact section Email Lists, s/You'll/You will/, and
maybe change 
        ...on the Mailman list info page. It has instructions about
        subscribing and links to read the archives of the lists.
        ...on the GNOME Mailing Lists info page, where you will also
        find instructions on how to subscribe and links to the archives
        of those lists.

*) The general definition of what IRC is is not very useful; one could
say that there is no general definition given in that page for what
email is, to which one could respond that the reader probably knows what
email is and how to send it, but then one would wonder if the definition
for IRC given will be enough to get her going on IRC, if she actually
needed it...

I'd rephrase this as

        Internet Relay Chat: The IRC network with the largest GNOME
        presence is GIMPnet. The main channel there for getting help
        with GNOME is #gnome-help, while #gnome is used for discussion
        among developers.
Maybe the acronym IRC could be made a link to or
some other IRC help site.

-- m

Mariano Suárez-Alvarez
Departamento de Matematica - FCEyN - Universidad de Buenos Aires
Ciudad Universitaria, Pab. I. (1428) Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina

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    he sacado la mayor lección de mi vida. Aprendí a respetar las ideas 
    ajenas, a detenerme ante el secreto de las conciencias, a entender 
    antes de discutir, a discutir antes de condenar. Y como estoy en 
    vena de confesiones, hago una más, quizás superflua: detesto con 
    toda mi alma a los fanáticos.

    Norberto Bobbio, Italia civil.

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