Re: GNOME Foundation on the web

On Fri, 2002-10-11 at 21:23, Vincent Untz wrote:

> I was writing the mail to announce the calendar for the elections and
> then I thought it'd be better to first update the GNOME Foundation
> Elections web pages. So I looked a bit at them and at the whole GNOME
> Foundation website.
> Some parts are not up-to-date and I was wondering who's responsible for
> maintaining the pages. At the bottom of the pages, I can read: 'This
> site is maintained by the GNOME Foundation Membership and Elections
> Committee'. So does the membership committee have to do that ? It's not
> a problem for me, it's just that I want to know. If so, I'll try to
> update some things.

The whole thing is in CVS module foundation-web if I remember correctly.
You should be able to make changes there. 

> Btw, it would be a good thing to use the new foot logo, wouldn't it ?

Definitely! :)


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