Re: Re: HTML/CSS v. Links, Lynx and Opera 5

Joshua Eichorn <jeichorn JoshuaEichorn com> wrote:
> After showing the new layout to a couple people, i have just one 
> suggestion to make.

> The left side navigation menu could use a little improvement.  The
> small size of the click area per link, and the lack of padding makes
> it hard to tell which options your trying to click on.
> I think if you add a bit of padding things will be good.
> otherwise everyone i showed it too was impressed
> -josh

I've been re-thinking the navigation a little myself, too:

First, how many levels are we going to have here? Is it unlimited or 
will all content be limited to three, given that the major area is 
actually selected from the top bar. If we need to go beyond three 
levels in the sidebar (four total) this scheme isn't going to work so 

Second, I agree with your increased padding comment. Another similar 
concern of mine is that the highlighting indicates a mouseover of the 
link's entire padding area, not just the link itself. Unfortunately, 
only the link is actually hot. Is this too confusing?

Third, I was considering putting bullet/folder/document icons outboard
each item, similar to this example I did back during our first 
I think it would spice up the look slightly and would be trivial
to do. I'll do a test and post it.

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