Gnome News (Plus a little poke about Bugzilla)

Morning all,

So, with the latest mess on, it looks like everyone's willing
to forgive archives of our news (for the mean time) to have a better system
go up. Hurrah!

What we're hoping to do is:

1) Find a replacement system that can be easily and strongly integrated into
   the new Gnome site in development (ah, that'd be us).

2) Set this up so it can be run similarly to the current system. There were
   a couple of comments from Owen and Havoc about this earlier on the list.

3) Continue running Squishdot READ-ONLY for news archives, until we have a
   method of importing them into the new system.

So, this email is essentially about part one. We need to find either a
ready-made application with a sane interface (preferably PHP classes for
access to the entire system), or the classes themselves (there are a number
of classes built for managing threaded forums and the like) so we can plug a
few well-tested parts together.

The only practical limits are what the server administrators want to handle
in terms of software and admin duties. I'm sure anything will be a load off
the current mess! :) Specifically, they'd prefer no new software if it can
be helped, and the database server operating on the machine at the moment is
(sadly) MySQL.

  Please post your recommendations and experiences!

Bugzilla: No one has any comments at this stage? I'll write up a draft list
of components for comments as soon as I've finished what I'm procrastinating
from by writing this email. ;)

- Jeff

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                           Wars end, love lasts.                            

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