Re: New set of comps.

> Well, as it stands right now, we have a TON of developer-oriented
> information, and a lot of general-interest information, and a few
> that are user-oriented.  So I think that the structure should reflect
> what we actually have.

Ok, I get your points. I just felt that rather than reacting to the
content we have, we should shape the site around where we wanted to go.
To me, the novice computer user is a new class to GNOME. We are going to
have to bend ourselves a bit to accommodate him. I'm thinking most
future GNOME users won't know the difference between a binary and
source. (Like Windows or Mac users.) Isn't that where we're headed?

> "Community" has a much nicer feel to it.  It is more
> welcoming, it still can have a lot of user information, and we already
> have a section for it.

I agree that "Community" does have a nice ring to it, but I just felt
that it wouldn't be the first place a new GNOME user would go poking
around. It strikes me as a general posting point for broad ideas. (Or
some sort of a chat room place.)

> Really, "User" is kind of a bad term in my mind.

Definitely not as descriptive as I want, but clear about the class of
person we're addressing. That's why I also offered:

> > ("Using GNOME"? "End User"? "Beginner"? "GNOME for Dummies"?)

Haven't been struck with the perfect term yet, just working on a

Steve  [ digitect mindspring com ]

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