Re: initial structure ideas

> You do not suggest how we are going to make use of the excellent 
> URL.  Do you have any ideas in this area?
> -Shawn

Sorry about that - I definitely think that we should make use of
It shouldn't end up being a redirect to, as someone else suggested,
though.  It would seem to me that should be designed in a like manner
to the gnome site(s).  But only the main page needs to be  After looking
over as it is now, it basically has the following:
1. developer documentation
2. language bindings
3. download
4. outdated software map
5. screenshots

I think that everything on this list should be integrated with the GNOME content.
As you suggest, if we do this, the anti-gnome sentiment will probably die down
if people are introduced to both development environments at once.  You are
definitely correct to want to make good use of, as I am sure that
a lot of people go to that when they want information on GTK+.  So, in summary,
basically what we should do it have it as an alternate starting point to the
gtk/gnome developer documentation, the software map, and then you can maintain
the ftp server separately, as you wanted to.  How does this idea sound to you?  


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