Something of intro

Hi everyone!
Yep, the biggest problem of the GNOME now is their website ;)))
Actually, it's needs to be more organized and user-friendly. That's all.

Small intro of me - I'm totally newbie in open source & linux, comparing
with others. I'm in all that only 1.5-2 years. BUT as
I have worked on some Unixies (like AIX) (Administred Wintel network, but
it doesn't counts ;)) and catched lot of information very
quickly (about half year), now I know php rather well, learning perl,
python, everything I will need imo in future.
Knowing mysql in average level, others - so so, but it's not problem to
learn them (I will do actually).
I will see how and how much I would help gnome web site.

I just suggest split work (literally) in three parts:
*fast, user friendly representation part of GNOME project and foundation
*more richer with information developer's part
*and very fast news part of project and foundation

My two cents...

Peteris Krisjanis,
Elko Riga System Administrator.

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