Re: [PATCH] enable trash usage on NTFS partitions

Alexander Larsson wrote:

Oh ? I am not aware of that.
After some quick research, it seems that under windows, trash files are stored under the RECYCLER directory, but I didn't find anything about a ntfs specific system.

For NTFS only, or for vfat too?
After some test, it appears, that:
    - on vfat, windows puts trashed files in a directory named "Recyled";
    - on ntfs, windows puts trashed files in a directory named "RECYCLER".
And an
NTFS fs is likely shared with windows, which will show the ".trash"
directory in the root which is kind of weird.
That's not the same for vfat ?

No, fat is used for all sorts of things, not only windows. For instance,
most usb drives comes preformated with it, and all cameras etc use it
for their memory cards.
My point was just that the .Trash directory is currently also showned on vfat partition mounted on windows, so if it's weird for ntfs, it is also weird for vfat.

I agree vfat is more widely used and trash support missing on ntfs would bug few people, however according to theses bugs reports [1][2], some people use ntfs on usb disk or local partition, and I don't see any drawback to enabling trash on ntfs (at least no more than on vfat).



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