Re: [PATCH] enable trash usage on NTFS partitions

Doesn't look so weird to me.
Why is it more natural to do trashing on vfat partition ?

If NTFS trash shouldn't be allowed, the other problem is that nautilus doesn't take it into account and currently trash files on NTFS. But that's a nautilus/gnomevfs issue, I don't know if nautilus/gvfs also has this bug.

Is it EOL for gnome-vfs ?


Alexander Larsson wrote:
On Tue, 2008-01-15 at 23:26 +0100, Yann Rouillard wrote:

Trash usage is currently not allowed on NTFS partitions although NTFS now supports write access.

This simple patch allows trashing on NTFS partitions.

The corresponding bugzilla issues is

Note that nautilus currently doesn't use the _gnome_vfs_filesystem_use_trash function which leads to bug like this and
I will post another patch for this bug.

Its kinda weird to do unix style trashing on an NTFS partition though. I
don't think people will expect that...

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