Re: Another GIO vs GnomeVFS clash: connected servers and volumes on panel

On Tue, 2008-01-15 at 22:44 +0100, Luca Ferretti wrote:
> Another issue in GNOME Desktop coming from GnomeVFS -> GIO migration:
> the panel still use GnomeVFS to list mounted volumes/drives/media and
> still provide the list of "connected servers" (plus the menu entry and
> the applet to add a new connection).
> If I'm right by now there is no UI to add a new remote volume and you
> have to use `gvfs-mount`[1].

Yeah, the whole concept of connected servers is a bit weird in gio/gvfs
(as noted on It was a way to emulate
mounts in a stateless word. In gvfs we have *actual* mounts of network
shares too that will show up in the volume monitor (and thus
sidebars/file selectors, etc). However, we might still want some of the
features of connected servers, like a UI for the mount, and something
that survives a logout (and consequently the unmount of all network
shares in the session). This is all still sort of up in the air.

> Filed as bug #509756 [2]
> [1] by the way:
>         betatester redrum:~$ gvfs-mount
>         Error mounting location: No hostname specified
> Any reason? And how mount ftp with login?

ftp is not really implemented at all in gvfs. All there is is a empty
shell of code. See

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