VFS integration with kernel mounts

I've been reading back in the discussion this February, about GVFS and
Alex's design and such. Read the postings about legacy VFS integration
and creating a Fuse mount point into GVFS at ~/.mount or similar. I find
that really interesting.

What about the reverse? Are we going to use file:/// to access NFS
directories and in-kernel CIFS mounts? Or is an abstraction going to be
provided around these where appropriate? Or are we simply going to not
touch on the problem?

What about auto mounting things such as USB devices? Are we going to
have an abstraction around those, where you could refer to device by
uuid or something?


Or are we simply going to consider it `file:///media/usbdisk-1/` and
stuff like we do now? I really like the abstraction idea. It would
basically be a GVFS mountable that just did whatever pmount work was
necessary to get the device mounted, the proxy to the kernel VFS.

Then what about arbitrary FUSE file systems? Is it an acceptable
solution to write a fuse GVFS backend which auto-mounts?

How should the translation from GVFS URI to POSIX path be handled? A
`posix-path` property on a GFile? It should mount in ~/.mount if it was
a pure-GVFS file system, or return the real underlying kernel path if
it's just wrapped?

Just pondering.

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