[PATCH] Fix cdda-method on non-Linux, non-FreeBSD systems


[ Please CC me as I'm not subscribed to this list or reply to the bug I mention
below; I think the latter is better. ]

The cdda-method in gnome-vfs only builds under Linux, FreeBSD and
DragonFly due to a reversed conditional.  The problem lies in that FreeBSD
made some custom changes to cdparanoia that modify the contents of
the cdrom_device structure, breaking the build of third party packages.

gnome-vfs was "fixed" by checking for the __FreeBSD__ macro, which is
somewhat incorrect because it assumes that all cdparanoia binaries built
for FreeBSD have this patch applied.  As a result of that change, the
cdda method does not build on systems such as NetBSD; in fact, I doubt
it builds on anything different than Linux and FreeBSD.

A long while ago, I posted a patch to fix this issue by reversing the
conditional in cdda-method.c (which assumes that every non-Linux system
has those cdparanoia modifications).  But today I rewrote the patch to
be more intelligent and made the configure script to check explicitly for
the FreeBSD-specific changes.

Christian Neumair suggested me to ask the list for a review of the patch,
so hence this mail.  You can find several more details, as well as the
patch itself, in bug #134276:


Please post your comments.

Thank you,

Julio M. Merino Vidal <jmmv84 gmail com>
The Julipedia - http://julipedia.blogspot.com/

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