dav module and client ssl certificates

It seems that the gnome-vfs dav module does not support using client ssl certificates to authenticate with the server. Instead it only supports server certificates and basic http name/password authentication.

If this is indeed the case, then I would like to start some discussion on implementing support for client certificates. It seems that what is needed is something like they keyring or ssh-agent where gnome-vfs can request a certificate from to connect to the server, and the daemon would prompt the user for their certificate password to decrypt it if this has not been done recently, then supply it to gnome-vfs.

Is this existing keyring service capable of handling a x.509 certificate instead of name/password plain text pairs? If so, then would it be somewhat easy to patch gnome-vfs to ask it for a client certificate and pass it to neon ( it does use neon right? )?

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