Re: Add GnomeVFSDrive for non-mountable device

On 6/6/06, Alexander Larsson <alexl redhat com> wrote:
> At the moment there is really not support for it. However, the initial
> plan was to support this. The GnomeVFSVolumeType type
> GNOME_VFS_VOLUME_TYPE_VFS_MOUNT is meant to be exactly this. I planned
> to add some sort of module support so that you could write code that
> detects plugins of a device and automatically generate a VFS_MOUNT
> volume object at a specific uri and tell everyone about it. The
> detection plugin would run in the vfs daemon, which has a nice
> environment with a guaranteed mainloop etc.
> I don't think anyone is working on finishing this at the moment, but I
> don't think its much work if someone was interested.
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I'd be willing to try and help implement something like this, but I
don't really know too much about GnomeVFS... given a public API or
some hints to work to I could give a preliminary patch a go though.

Cameron Harris

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