Re: The status of MIME support?

> > 
> > Yeah, that's something I would have expected.
> Will this change in the future? In my opinion it is unacceptable to 
> expect users to restart Nautilus every time an app has installed a new 
> MIME type.

yep, it would be really nice if that changed... 

> I fiddled with the priority number but there is *no way* to override 
> gnome-vfs-mime-magic.

Are you sure it's really using gnome-vfs-mime-magic. Maybe the problem
is that when gnome-vfs guesses a mime type by looking at a filename,
it's properly using your user customization, but when it's sniffing a
file, it fails to look at user modifications to the db, and falls back
to the db in /usr/share/mime ?


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