The status of MIME support?

What's the current status of MIME support in gnome-vfs? I installed GNOME 2.6 and sadly I discovered several things: - gnome-vfs doesn't seem to use ~/.local/share/mime unless $XDG_DATA_DIRS is set. - If I run update-mime-database ~/.local/share/mime, gnome-vfs doesn't detect changes until I restart the entire application (Nautilus)!

And the most important of all:
- The MIME sniffing stuff doesn't seem to be implemented at all. I have a file with the extension .package. It contains a stub shell script header and a tgz payload. In GNOME <= 2.4, Nautilus keeps detecting the file as a shell script, and there's no way to override it. I had hoped that I can now finally override this, but gnome-vfs doesn't seem to support FD.o's MIME sniffing at all.

What's the status of the FD.o MIME implementation in gnome-vfs? Are the problems I mentioned already known and will they be fixed in the future?

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