Gnome VFS Slp Module

Hi all

We have worked on creating on GnomeVFS Slp module based on OpenSLP ( Code is attached as a tar ball. )
Also attached is a slightly old snapshot of what has been done.
(Have removed this snapshot  because of size limitations. )

It provides the following functionality (equivalent to kio_slp for Konqueror) :

1. Querying for registered SLP service Types.
2. Querying for servers providing a particular Service Type.
3. Querying for the attributes of a particular server ( aka service URL )

We had the following questions which we hope someone here can address :

1. Currently we dump the attributes of a particular service type as a text file.
(See bottom left corner of jpeg attached)
Is there a better way to handle this  ?  Will changing the mime-type help ?

2. We use the glib GNode APIs for storing the SLP information.
Wanted to know whether g_node_destroy () frees the dynamically allocated members of the "data" GNode member ?

For example, If we do a g_node_append_data (tree_root, info ) where info has a malloc'd member called "junk". Do we need to explicitly traverse the tree and free each info->junk member *and* also call g_node_destroy (tree_root) ?

( We tried explicitly freeing these members by traversing the tree and freeing each node's malloc'ed members and then calling g_node_destroy () on the tree root. This leads to crashes for us. We were just wondering whether we were using g_node_destroy () properly. )

3. Can we add the "slp : oslp" entry to the default-modules.conf directly ?
We guessed not and have added an extra file "slp-module.conf" to have the above entry. What extra processing (if any ) is needed to be able to handle this config file ?

Would appreciate comments on the code as well as the best way to take this "activity" forward.


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