Re: problem with x-directory/nfs-server, x-directory/nfs-mountmime types

Hi Alex,
Alexander Larsson wrote:
> > Is it because, gnome-vfs.keys files does not have descriptions added for
> > x-directory/nfs-server and x-directory/nfs-mount mime types ? Should I
> > add the descriptions for these mime types, so that I don't need to
> > explicitly associate an application with them? I want to associate icon
> > view and list view with these mime types, by default.
> You're not supposed to associate them with an app, that would mean we
> launch a new nautilus every time you click on the directory. Instead you
> have to change the server files for the directory view components to
> list the mimetypes.
The server file $PREFIX/lib/bonobo/servers/Nautilus_shell.server already
has entries for the two mime types.

<oaf_server iid="OAFIID:Nautilus_File_Manager_Icon_View" type="factory"
    <item value="x-directory/vfolder-desktop"/>
    <item value="x-directory/smb-share"/>
    <item value="x-directory/nfs-mount"/>
    <item value="x-directory/nfs-server"/>

I am not sure why its still not working.


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