Re: API-Freeze break approval (gnome_vfs_next_address renaming)

>> Thanks. As we mention here,
>> , we need to know that the maintainer has approved this, so that we
>> don't
>> seem to be overruling the maintainer. I think that you mentioned to me
>> on
>> IRC that the current function name was the maintainer's choice. Has that
>> changed?
> I'm OK with that change. When I talked with gicmo about that change, it
> seemed to be a mistake, I don't think Alex asked specifically asked for
> that function to be called like that, especially given the name of the
> other functions. He is away for about 10 days though, so he won't be
> able to confirm/infirm that soon :-/

OK, so here's your second approval (of a necessary 2). Thanks.

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