Re: API-Freeze break approval (gnome_vfs_next_address renaming)

> Some people on the gnome-vfs mailing list complained about the poor
> naming of gnome_vfs_next_address(). I think they are right, but I was
> too busy getting our new http module in that I forgot about that. So I
> am now requesting approval for renaming gnome_vfs_next_address to
> gnome_vfs_resolve_next_address. The patch for doing this is included.
> I don't think the API is yet used outside the gnome-vfs library (except
> the language bindings) because I recently added it while integrating the
> neon library, so it's brand new and that's why I think it should be
> changed right now.

Thanks. As we mention here,
, we need to know that the maintainer has approved this, so that we don't
seem to be overruling the maintainer. I think that you mentioned to me on
IRC that the current function name was the maintainer's choice. Has that

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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