Re: Gnome-vfs dependencies?

Le jeu 23/10/2003 à 11:08, Rasmus (Andreas Rasmussen) a écrit :
> tor 2003-10-23 klockan 09.34 skrev Christophe Fergeau:
> > it's only used to display one dialog when gconf is misconfigured afair.
> Ouch, that seems like an ugly and unnecessary behaviour to me! Wouldn't
> it be a lot better to have some kind of hook where applications using
> gnome-vfs could provide their own means to display such a "dialog"? And
> having the default simply print it to stdout using glib?

gnome-vfs does that, see the "module callbacks" part of the API. As I
stated in my previous mail, gnome-vfs doesn't have any dependency on
gtk+, ie it will compile and run fine on a system without X installed. 
I was only pointing out that it may seem to depend on graphical stuff
because of the way gconf is generally packaged.


> Cheers
> /rasmus

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