Re: Gnome-vfs dependencies?

Le jeu 23/10/2003 à 05:05, Walter Landry a écrit :
> Hello,

Gnome-vfs does not depend on anything graphical: it depends on gconf,
bonobo and glib, and (not necessary but recommended) fam. The gconf
dependency bring up a gtk one in most distro packages, but that's really
unnecessary, it's only used to display one dialog when gconf is
misconfigured afair.

Hope that helps,


> I am considering using using gnome-vfs for an application, and I was
> wondering what is the minimal set of dependencies I need to get it
> working.  I am going to need http, ftp, webdav, sftp and local file
> access.  I would rather not have to pull in all of gnome and gtk for
> something that doesn't use any graphics.  Ideally, I would like it to
> be small enough that I can package the whole thing with my
> application.
> I looked around a bit, but everything seems to assume that you have
> the entire gnome library.  The rpms and debs that I have seen
> certainly require a great deal of stuff.  Am I out of luck, or can I
> split things out without too much effort?
> Thanks,
> Walter Landry
> wlandry ucsd edu
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