Re: GnomeVFS ioctls, live metadata and dead metadata

On Thu, 2002-11-21 at 13:21, Alexander Larsson wrote:
> sql:SELECT filename, size FROM DIR RECURSIVE WHERE id3:artist = "Britney Spears" AND NOT id3:album contains "Oops!"
> on a directory. And after the query optimizers, the recursive id3 decoding 
> of all files and the database query have run you'll get back the result as 
> an xml string that you just have to parse to get the list of files to display.

	Wow ! and best of all - it's done without adding any new API !

> It's even better when it starts following cross-method uri-symlinks to 
> download and id3-decode mp3s from the web. Imagine it indexing all the 
> files at using that simple metadata request. Its the best thing 
> since monikers!
> :)



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