Bug in ftp module or in eel ?


There is currently a bad interaction between gnome-vfs ftp module and eel_read_entire_file function.
This eel functions does something like
do {
	result = gnome_vfs_read(...);
} while (result == GNOME_VFS_OK);

And this locks up with the ftp module, because when it reaches EOF, the implementation of the read method doesn't return GNOME_VFS_EOF, but returns GNOME_VFS_OK and says it read 0 byte (just like the traditional unix read function).

I was wondering where this bug should be fixed, in eel or in the ftp module. If the ftp module is wrong, there may be other modules to fix (the file and http modules seems to be ok, but for example the ssh method seems to have the exact same problem (I didn't manage to use it so I can't test).


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