What's happening this Saturday [was Re: Train Times to Brum]

On 31/05/07 16:35, Aidan Delaney wrote:
Thomas et. al.,
On Thu, 2007-05-31 at 15:52 +0100, Thomas Wood wrote:
I'm hoping a couple of people will stick around for a bit afterwards for a drink, and maybe a bite to eat as well.
This is defiantly happening.  In fact International Podcast Superstar
Stewart Langridge may also be joining us for a taste Northern culture :)

My mobile number is .... ..........  I don't know how long this meeting
will take.  I suspect anything from 2-3 hours.  So should we make a
tentative meet-for-a-beer time of 1700?  Given that Thos and I are
visitors to Brum we'll probably grab some food somewhere rather than
popping home for dinner.  Feel free to drag us into a decent curry house
(though I don't know if Thos is a curry person).

Definitely! Only stipulation being there has to be something on the menu with no meat or fish, but since Paul is local and also a veggie, I don't think he will be short of places to suggest.

For the record.  I'm in Birmingham for the night, so bars will be
propped up.

So just to keep everyone who may be coming informed of what's going on, here's the plan so far:

1pm: meet outside Conservatoire, go round measuring things up, discuss various issues, etc. etc.


5pm: drink, find curry house, eat and be merry

Everyone welcome to attend either one or both of these spectacular events.

Any questions?



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