Re: GNOME publicity & marketing

Hi Karl,

Sadly you're not jumping in during a lively and/or interesting debate. In fact, it seems fairly rare to actually have a lively debate on this list! Probably something about the British reserve...

However, I agree whole heatedly with all your comments, and I suspect you saw my blog post today (for those who didn't: <>). However, I think we have to be very careful how we market GNOME and what audience we aim at. Unfortunately (or otherwise), most of the marketing to new users and even existing users is done through and by the distributions. The support channels are then passed through the distributions so that at the end of the day people can use "Ubuntu" and "Fedora" and not even know (or care) what GNOME is.

And why should they? Their needs are all fulfilled by the distribution's support systems and community. What would we have to offer them? GNOME itself is not the end product that a user can pick up or download and use straight away.

Therefore, I wonder whether it would be more beneficial to the GNOME project if "GNOME Marketing" took on the role of attracting new contributors and developers. If we can do this by being at events such as LugRadio Live and turning users into contributors, then I think we will be doing well. The big question is how do we do it. We need a grass roots campaign that demonstrates how easy it is to get involved. The "Love/Hate" board is one method that I think really helps to engage people with the project. But we need more...

Is anyone going to LugRadio Live who would be interested in meeting up?



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