Re: Organising GUADEC 2007

Thomas Wood wrote:
I have just e-mailed guadec-list with details of a meeting about GUADEC recently <>.

If people are interested in helping with GUADEC, I am going to suggest that we use guadec-list for general planning and organisation, and use gnome-uk-list for collection local information and organising hand-on volunteers.

Last year, the guadec-local mailing list was used for local organisation, but I think it'd be nice to get the same people involved in gnome-uk too. Do people mind if we use the gnome-uk list for this sort of organisation?

Gnome-uk-list mailing list
Gnome-uk-list gnome org

I'd take the silence to mean that it's fine to use this list.. it's not like anyone is going to notice right now ;)

How will the co-ordination between the two lists work out though ? You may end up repeating a lot of things and being a go-between.

you could start a new list - guadec2007 ?

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