Org village update

Here are some updates from Brian. I think it'd be nice if we could do
something as a GNOME group on the evening of the first day of the expo.
Either with Lonix or our own thing. Any thoughts?

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Lonix, the london linux user group, will be organising a social event on 
the evening of Day 1 of the expo.

Probably a meal and some drinks.

Details will be confirmed once Tushar has everything arranged



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1. Exhibitor Badges
I will be supplying you with blank pdf exhibitor badges for you to put 
your details (and logo perhaps) on. Just waiting for the exhibition people 
to finish the artwork

2. Internet access
There is wireless internet access available in the hall. However i do not 
know the range or speed etc. I wouldnt rely on it for your presentations. 
In fact i would discount it completely, There is also an internet cafe 
area in the hall for collecting emails etc

3. Show Guide
I've done entries for the show guide for everyone. 

4. Posters
I will be printing one large format (prob A0) poster for each stand with 
your logo on. I should have most peoples logo but if not i'll email you 
for it early next week

5. Power
There will be a power point in each stand. You should ensure that you have 
4 way adaptors as necessary for your equipment

5. Furniture
This will be finalised on friday and i will email on friday evening

6. Stand layout etc
This is being finalised on friday. As usual it takes longer than expected 
as other exhibitors get moved around and the layout of the org village is 
adjusted to fit.

7. Show times
Tuesday 4th 

08:00 - 20:00 Setup only

Wednesday 5th 

08:00 - 09:30 Venue open to Exhibitors only 
09:30 - 17:00 Show open 

Thursday 6th 

08:00 - 09:30 Venue open Exhibitors only 
09:30 - 16.00 Show open

Please note the show starts at 9:30 and not 10:00 please ensure someone is 
at your stand by 9:30 each day

No equipment may be taken into or out of the exhibtion whilst the show is 

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