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抱歉寫錯了,是交通食宿贊助申請 ^^; <=冒失鬼

於 00.07.04 09:16am, 依瑪貓 提到:
> ApacheCon NA 2011 11/7-11在加拿大溫哥華舉行,食宿贊助申請至7/8截止。想參
> 加又沒錢的人,快點報名吧! ^_*'
> 只要有興趣想去的人,都可以申請,不限身份喔! ^_*'
> 申請網址
> ==============================================
> Open Enterprise Solutions, Cloud Computing, and Community Leadership.
> Registration is NOW OPEN: SIGN UP TODAY AND SAVE 25%!
> Professionally-directed presentations detail specific industry
> challenges and real-world solutions, giving attendees the must-know
> tips, techniques, and trends needed to stay ahead in a rapidly changing
> landscape. Topics span "Apache 101" basics to rocket science ("Apache in
> Space!"), and features countless Apache projects, from Abdera to
> Zookeeper. Apache is critical to the backbone of the Web; a Foundation
> of the Cloud; and instrumental in Big Data and bigger deployments.
> Highlights include:
> - Content Technologies and Data Handling: Big Data and Analytics
> (Archiva, Cassandra, Chemistry, Hadoop, HBase, Jackrabbit, Jena, Lucene,
> Mahout, Solr, Stambol, Tika and friends)
> - Enterprise and Modular Java (ACE, ActiveMQ, Axis2, Camel, Celix,
> Karaf, ServiceMix, WSS4J, and more)
> - Servers (Apache HTTP Server, Tomcat, Geronimo, developing feature-rich
> PaaS solutions, and more)
> - Incubating Innovation and Emerging Technologies (what's incubating at
> Apache, including Rave, Wookie, Whirr, and more in the Fast Feather Track)
> - Opening Business, Community Leadership, and Keeping the Machine
> Running (how "Community Over Code" really works day-to-day in Open
> Source companies and communities; Infrastructure and DevOps)
> - Special Events, Public Participation (BarCampApache, Apache Hackathon,
> ASF Project MeetUps and ample networking opportunities)
> The ApacheCon program is presented by noted members of the Apache
> community, as well as representatives from Adobe Systems, Akamai,
> Cloudera, CS Communication & Systemes, DLR (German Aerospace Center),
> FuseSource, Hippo, IBM, LinkedIn, Lucid Imagination, NASA Jet Propulsion
> Laboratory, Nokia, Nuxeo, Red Hat, Sakai Project, SpringSource/VMWare,
> Talend, Talis, WSO2, Yahoo, and more.
> ApacheCon is for everyone! Anyone interested in Apache products and
> community-driven development "The Apache Way" is welcome. ASF
> affiliation is not required to present at, attend, or otherwise
> participate in ApacheCon. Sign up today and save up to 25%!

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