GNOME 3.0 is getting released!

Dear GNOME 3 Party Organizers,

GNOME 3.0 is getting released soon! We need your help to make the release successful by letting more people know!

The GNOME community has prepared a lot of marketing materials that can be used for your party, please feel free to use them for your event!

First, the GNOME 3.0 Press Release is finalized and it can be accessed on
Feel free to localize it to your language and publish in your website and help us to spread the word by contacting your local press for publication as well.

Thanks to Jason D. Clinton, there are a few GNOME 3.0 videos that can be accessed from YouTube (

The GNOME Journal team has just published a new edition that focuses on the launch of the GNOME 3.0 version of your favorite desktop environment. I am sure you will find a lot of information about GNOME 3 from this journal. Please access it at :

We also have a lot of new slides and presentations related to GNOME or GNOME 3 here at

Please help to promote GNOME 3 by blogging about your party and by sending us pictures. You can upload these to your event page, send us a link of your blog posts by emailing them to gugmasters-list(at)gnome(dot)org. we will publish those event pictures and blog links in the website to share with everybody. Pictures and blog posts can be tagged to #gnome3parties

The GNOME Project will be awarding a prize to the best photograph of a GNOME 3 release celebration, so that we can record the moment of the release. Click below to join this Photo Competition: Just add link to your photo set below and choose one best photo from your party.

Besides, we highly encourage you to join the gugmasters-list(at) mailing list ( to ask questions or share your experience with other organizers!

All the best to your GNOME 3 party!

Pockey Lam
Member of The GNOME Foundation

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