Re: Include "Foglie" icon theme in gnome-themes 2.28

2009/5/13 Thomas Wood <thos gnome org>:
> Could we perhaps concentrate on creating "metathemes", i.e. complete
> themes of GTK+, Metacity and Icons. Perhaps you could create a
> index.theme to set some colours that would be nice?

This suggested metatheme [1] comes from Ulisse itself. A png preview
is available here[2].

It's a "remix" based on:
 * Clearlooks-DarkLime for GTK+  (by Ulisse itself, on,
but updated)
 * Shiki-Colors for Metacity (from here[3], )

Of course it's just a proof-of-concept, an initial proposal, comments
and suggestions are welcome.

[1] (~10 kB)
[2] (~62 kB)

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