Re: OpenGEU 9.04 Luna Crescente pixmap GTk themes

2009/4/15 Robert Staudinger <robert staudinger gmail com>
On Wed, Apr 15, 2009 at 10:58 AM, Luca De Marini
<luca darkmaster gmail com> wrote:
> Hi again, isn't really anyone interested / able in creating these themes?
> I cannot believe no one whishes to help..

What do the mockups look like?

Hallo Robert, here are the mockups:

Keep in mind that these are just mockups. I already know that some things like the "centered menu" are impossible in GTK. What's important is that the GTK themes can look as closer as possible to the E17 themes. So, these pixmap themes should look as close as possible to teh mockups: metacity is not needed.

Of course, if anyone will be interested in helping (you?), I'll post links for the original multilayer file: it will be easier to extract usable pixmaps from the original file.
Greetings and thanks for answering,

Luca D.M.

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