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Hi there,

I used the last two weeks to think about a new/other way to integrate theming into GTK+. The main concern I took into account was the following one:

>   * Hard for artists to create themes right without writing an engine

Because artists have there favourite tools I decided to take SVG as basic assumption. The main advantage is that a lot of great graphics editors are out there that can create SVG files. Furthermore it's easier to apply a CSS like layout system on it because there are XML elements with ids, classes and attributes.

With this approach it should be easier to get the following things working:

> Roadmap:
>  * Create a CSS engine to play with it and see how far can we go with
>flexibility in the artist side (Andreas to make mockups of the new
>syntax and figure out how to implement it afterwards)
>  * Consistency for style properties naming and using (Andreas)

At the end the only thing that the theming engine should do is to call drawing functions that match the specific SVG element.

At the moment I think of the some performance issues concerning the usage of SVG. I have a possible solution but I am also waiting for some advice on it.

I hope this idea can help you to find a good solution for theming in GTK+. If not please don't rip of my head because I'm new to the development of GTK+. :-) 

Kind regards,
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