Inverted theme in gnome-themes

Hi Calum/all,

Andrea added a metatheme for the "Inverted" style of Clearlooks to gnome-themes recently. Although he has already added it to svn, do you think it makes sense to include it by default in gnome-themes? I think our policy has been to keep it as simple as possible, so I'm not sure if we should include another theme or not. Also, Inverted is possibly an ambiguous name as it could be referring to colour or shape, but that can easily be changed.

Currently in 2.18 we ship five general themes (Clearlooks, Crux, Mist, Glossy and Glider), and three accessibility themes (High Contrast, High Contrast Inverse and Low Contrast). This is a total of eight themes, so the question is should we be including more or less by default?

One thing I would like to do though is make sure that all the general themes we do ship are distinct and unique in their look and feel. In this regard I am still unsure about Glider's status as (at least in terms of colours) it is fairly similar to Clearlooks. However, it is the only "traditional 3D" looking theme. Does anyone have any strong opinions on this?



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