Re: SVG icons for HighContrast theme

On Mon, 2005-10-17 at 13:09 +0100, Thomas Wood wrote:

> I know Andreas Nillson was keen on helping out with filling the gaps in
> the HC icon theme, so maybe this is something you can work together on.
> There are quite a large number of bugs open for missing icons in the HC
> icons theme. In fact, probably about half the total bugs open for
> gnome-themes are HC icon theme related.

I've also (finally) located the vector versions of the HC icons that Sun
added to Jakub's originals.  Unfortunately they're in Adobe Illustrator
format at the moment (which I believe can export as SVG, but I don't
have a copy to check or do the conversion)-- if Jakub or anyone else
with access to AI wants them, let me know.

> > 3. Themes framework
> >
> >         Of course HighContrast(LargePrint) is just the peak of the
> > iceberg. gnome-themes package needs to be refreshed. I'm not
> > speaking only about "old" themes (a11y apart, we are shipping
> > the same themes from 2.0!!), but also about installation
> > framework.

Vaguely related, I'd personally like the onus of providing high contrast
icons to move to the applications.  They're probably the only themes
where every possible icon on the desktop really needs to be catered for,
and it's ridiculous to try and do that centrally.  Applications are
allowed to install icons into the hicolor theme; if we're really taking
accessibility seriously, I believe the high contrast themes should have
a similar status to hicolor.

> >               * dump out LowContrast icon theme: IMHO is better try to
> >                 reduce the contrast through the theme engine: is it
> > possible?
> I'm pretty sure that is possible, although I don't know which engine the
> Low Contrast theme is using.

It just uses the default gtk engine, whatever it's called these days.
The low contrast icons are just created by tweaking the levels of the
gnome/hicolor equivalents in GIMP, so presumably this would be easy
enough to do programatically.

> Interesting idea, but unfortunately will be a lot of work (re-doing
> configure scripts and makefiles), and also will mean that the CVS module
> becomes even more messy. It's not possible to completely delete
> directories from CVS. You have to use the prune command when checking out
> to remove empty directories.  I don't really see much benefit in
> re-organising the gnome-themes structure as it's actually laid out quite
> logically at the moment anyway.

Apart from the a11y themes again; originally they were all that were in
gnome-themes, so they don't really fit the structure of the themes that
were added afterwards.  After each release I always have half a mind to
fix that, but as you say, it's a lot of work for no real gain.


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