Re: New Gconf-Editor icon proposal

Check if you like this one, it needs some more work, but the concept is
there, dunno if something like this is better then the current one btw.


Il lun, 2003-06-16 alle 23:45, Alex Combas ha scritto:
> Hello,
> Ive attached a quick sketch of what I think could someday 
> become a much better version of the Gconf-Editor icon.
> Its only a sketch at the moment, the real icon will hopefully
> look better. :)
> Ive also attached the current Gconf-Editor icon so that
> you can compare the two.
> I think my current gimp skill is not good enough 
> to do this icon justice so I am going to just submit this 
> proposal and hope that a kind artist feels like picking up 
> the idea and actually draws something. If not then I guess 
> I'll have to give it a go myself. 
> In case my sketch is not very clear, the icon is meant 
> to look like a nut and a bolt(or screw). The metaphor is meant
> to portray that the Gconf-Editor is what you use to access the 
> "nuts and bolts" of the desktop.
> What do you think? :)
> ~Alex
Lapo Calamandrei <l_calamandrei neri-group com>
Neri S.p.A

Attachment: gconf-editor.png
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