Re: [gnome-summary] copyright change for gnome summary

<quote who="Alexander Winston">

> > > For Gnome-Summary it probably okay to put it in public domain.  I
> > > doubt anybody can make money or a movie out of it.  :-)
> > 
> > Well, I wouldn't put anything I contributed in the public domain, and I
> > don't think that's a great policy generally.
> What do you have against the public domain?

I would not contribute work I did towards the GNOME summary into the public
domain. You too can define the terms under what you publish your creations.
Simple as that. You're not helping Sri to make his decision by arguing it.

- Jeff

GVADEC 2004: Kristiansand, Norway          
  "When's the last time you heard of the police having to intervene at an
                   antiquarian book riot?" - Raph Levien

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