Re: [gnome-summary] GNOME Journal proposal

il Thu, 19 Feb 2004 19:40:48 -0500
Jim Hodapp <jhodapp iupui edu> ha scritto:

> Hey everyone,
>     Attached to this email is a proposal for the GNOME Journal (the
> monthly publication idea that we've been chewing on for a bit).  Feel
> free to add to it and post your changes to the list or if you just
> want to write suggestions in an email, that'd be fine.  I'm excited
> about the possibilities for this.
> Jim Hodapp

It seems a good proposal for me.

I think that we can start preparing the first number, and then we will
refine it using the suggestions that probably will arrive.

As for the journal itself, I think that we should prepare it in both
HTML (for online consultation) and PDF for storage and printing.

What did you think about this?


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