GSoC'17 - Introduction: Implement a Plugin System in Pitivi and a set of plugins

I am Fabián Orccón, a student from Peru. I has been accepted this year to implement a plugin system and a set of plugins for Pitivi. My mentor will be Alexandru Băluț.

I am very excited to participate in this project because I had been already working on it some months ago and I would like to finish the plugin manager and implement as much plugins as I can.

Currently it is not possible to write plugin managers in Python using libpeas. I currently have a patch for libpeas fixing the problem that I hope get merged soon, because it will be really useful for different GNOME Projects based on Python to implement their own plugin managers.

Inline image 1

You can see a basic example of how to use libpeas in Python here:

Also, I think it can be kind of useful for the other students accepted in Pitivi, too:

Kind regards,
Fabián Orccón

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