GSoC17 Introduction: Repair and resize filesystems in GNOME Disks


my name is Kai¹, I'm a greenhorn GNOME Disks² contributor and study in
the computer science master's program at TU Berlin.

I have the opportunity to work on GNOME Disks as part of GSoC in order
to support repairing and resizing filesystems through UDisks,
thus enabling non-root users to safely set up their devices from a
graphical interface.

My mentor is Ondrej Holy who is working on e.g. GVfs and System Settings
and Vratislav Podzimek does support from the UDisks team.

Project site:

So now I'm looking forward to learn a lot and contribute to GNOME :)

Let's stay in touch, best greetings!

² GNOME Disks:

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