Introduction for GNOME Builder GSoC project

Hi everyone,

I'm Fangwen Yu, a second year graduate student in College of Computer
and Control Engineering at Nankai University, Tianjin, China. I will
be working on "Implement search and replace, spell check for Builder"
as my GSoC project this summer, my mentor is Christian Hergert[1].

My IRC nick is yufw on GIMPNet, and my blog for GSoC,

The main goal of my project is to implement complete and streamlined
search and replace functionality for Builder, which is found in many
other IDEs and editors. First, I will implement gedit like search and
replace functionality, then I will implement more advanced features
allowing users to do search and replace across multiple files. A spell
check plugin will also be implemented as what it does essentially is
search (for misspelled words) and replace (with correct ones).

Builder is still a young project and I see my GSoC project as a great
opportunity to contribute to it. I am looking forward to learning and
doing interesting things with GNOME.



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