GSoC 2014 aspirant


I am Pooja Ahuja. Presently am studying B.E. in Computer Engineering, at University of Pune, India. 
It would be an awesome opportunity for me to contribute to GNOME, for my participation in GSoC '14. 
I am well-versed with gtk, c and c++. I've done quite a few projects using the same. As well as contributed to code bases like Pidgin, Mozilla Firefox and Ubuntu.
As a result I wish to work on the ideas for Evince's Annotations. I'm new to Evince code base but however have soon got myself familiar with it.
I have submitted three patches on GNOME Bugzilla so far. 
My concern is that these three patches weren't related to Annotations. Is it still good enough to be considered in my proposal? (Since they are outside the module of my proposal idea.) 
Can I please get some push regarding this idea . So that I can further build my layout on it.


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