Re: [evince] GSoC and OPW

Thanks for the great email. cc-ing gnome-soc-list and gnome-love lists,
because, as you say, much of this email applies well to any newcomer!

On 03/18/2014 03:01 PM, Germán Póo-Caamaño wrote:

There has been many emails regarding to GSoC and OPW. I will try to
answer all of them in this email, which has general guidelines to
contribute in this project or any other.

Regarding to contribute to Evince:
      * You have to get the latest evince built from source code. There
        are multiples guides ways to do it, for example:
      * Don't ask if you can work on a bug, look for a bug that nobody
        is working, or if it has already a patch, check that the bug has
        no recent activity (~2 months).  Work on it, submit a patch.
      * You can start by looking for bugs tagged as gnome-love in However,
        you are not limited to those ones.
      * First step to fix a bug is to be able to reproduce it. If you
        cannot reproduce it, don't get stuck on it and move to the next
      * Use 'git grep' to locate the relevant parts of the code for a
        particular bug. You can also use a debugger (nemiver is a nice
        UI for gdb). Or whatever that suits better for you to trace a

Regarding to the application:
      * Don't wait until the last moment to submit your application. It
        can be updated any time before the deadline and allow mentors to
        give you feedback on something concrete.
      * The application is one step, but not the only one. In order to
        consider your application in the process, we require *at least*
        one non-trivial contribution.  That is to check if you went
        through the steps above and to better assess your potential as a
      * The Evince's ideas page include "and other improvements".  Part
        of your proposal should say concretely which ones. By getting
        familiar with the bug reports and code, you would get a better
        idea of what you can do besides the basic idea proposed (which
        should take no more than one month).
      * To increase your odds of being accepted, you have to show you
        are better candidate than the other dozens candidates. The only
        measurable way is by contributing more.

Keep in mind:
      * We expect you to work full-time on GSoC/OPW, so the application
        will also be assessed based on that.
      * The slots available are limited and the candidates are many.  To
        give you an idea, last OPW there were more than double good
        candidates than slots available. The strongest candidates had
        submitted more than 15 good patches.
      * If you are not accepted now, you still can grab as much
        experience as you can, so you can be better prepared for the
        next round.

Happy hacking!

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