Re: People from India attending GUADEC 2014

Hi all,

On Tue, Jun 10, 2014 at 8:12 PM, Pranav Kant <pranav913 gmail com> wrote:

I was thinking it would be great if GNOME SoC students from India attending GUADEC get to know each other. If we live nearby, may be we can accompany each other traveling to EU. :)

I too think it would be great if we could form groups to travel.

Pranav and I are planning to travel together. We will be leaving from Delhi. If anyone else is interested in going together, do let us know.
Please reply to this thread so that we can know each other or may contact each other.

You can also find me on irc as kcm, Pranav is pranavk, or just leave us a mail.
Pranav Kant,
Department of Computer Science
National Institute of Technology Hamirpur

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Cheers :)
Anuj Khare
irc : kcm

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