Gsoc idea

Hello everyone.
I am a freshman student on the computers and electronics technologies faculty in Skopje,Macedonia,and i don't have much experiance with open-source projects(or projects in general).
But i love programming and i am starting to love  free software.
I have an idea i think gnome can benefit from.
I would like to make a feature in gnome that will enable the user to share the linux of his choice install files with others with the latest version of gnome ready to go (via p2p connections),but only in his choosing,and let him enable to control the bandwidth with witch he is uploading.There would be a torrent file for each linux for downloading from the main page.I think this will:
a)reduce costs for maintaining servers for downloading gnome(if there are any);
b)make 1 general torrent file for all the linux distributions with gnome ready to go,instead of downloading them separately,and from other sharing sites;
c)Faster downloading speeds;
c)make everyone aware that sharing is caring :D;
Any mentor willing to mentor me doing this,it would be nice.

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