Hi everybody!

I'm Yann, I'm 25 years old, I'm french and I study in first year at the
National High School Of Computing and Applied Mathematics of Grenoble
(ENSIMAG). I applied for the project to add synchronization to Epiphany,
the GNOME web browser. But we were two students to be selected for that
project (William TING and I) so instead  I will be working on adding a
deamon to the GNOME desktop, exposing a DBus API allowing others
application to check URL against the Google Safe Browsing API.

I love computing, of course, but I also love cross country skiing, which
I practice in competition, and sport in general.

I'm available on IRC: yann irc gnome org especially in channels #soc and
#epiphany. You can also contact me on Jabber at
yann soubeyrand jabber fr.

Waiting to meet you this summer!
Bye !

yann soubeyrand gmx fr
+33 (0)6 66 73 16 52

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