Welcome interns!

Hi all,

On Monday GNOME accepted 29 Google Summer of Code interns and 10 Outreach Program for Women interns! All the interns made a contribution to the project they were applying to work on and almost all were connected to their mentors during the application process. We are thrilled to have these talented and dedicated contributors have a chance to spend the whole summer working on GNOME! Thanks to Google, Mozilla, Collabora, Red Hat, the Free Software Foundation, and the GNOME Foundation for making these internships possible!

Thank you to all the mentors who helped the applicants along the way and will guide the participants this summer! Everyone, please help out mentors from your project by also helping the participants when possible.

Because we are closing the 3.6 feature proposal period, it would be great if mentors consider proposing the planned work as a 3.6 feature. If your intern’s proposal is about a well-defined user-visible feature, the student is an experienced GNOME contributor, and/or you are dedicated to spend part of your time working on the feature, please propose it for 3.6.

Below, is the list of all the interns’ projects. The ones without a link are OPW projects. The interns will blog about their work on Planet GNOME throughout the summer.

Thanks to everyone and welcome to the interns!
Marina, on behalf of GSoC and OPW admins


= GNOME Shell =

Tanner Doshier - Smarter Searching in GNOME Shell - Rui Matos

Joost Verdoorn - Overhaul the Applications View - Florian Müllner

Giovanni Campagna - GNOME Shell Lock Screen - Marina Zhurakhinskaya

Ana Risteska - GNOME Shell Message Tray Improvements - Marina Zhurakhinskaya

= GNOME Core Applications =

Felipe Borges - Documents: Removable devices support - Cosimo Cecchi

Meg Ford - GNOME Documents UIs for Viewing and Editing of File Metadata - Cosimo Cecchi

Anna Zacchi - GNOME Documents - Cosimo Cecchi

Fabiano Fidêncio  - libosinfo-based express installation for major OSs - Zeeshan Ali Khattak

Jovanka Gulicoska - Ability to save and load virtual machine boxes - Zeeshan Ali Khattak

William Ting - GNOME - Epiphany Browser Synchronization - Xan López

Yann Soubeyrand - Add synchronization to Epiphany, the GNOME web browser - Xan López
(Yann will work on synchronization along with William, or Xan will discuss other possible tasks with him.)

Emily Gonyer - GNOME CLock - Seif Lotfy

Gopal Krishnan - Proposal to upgrade the UI of Gcalctool - Robert Ancell

Arth Patel - Replace lex-bison based parser with handwritten parser in gcalctool - Robert Ancell

Chris Baines - Completion of the Gnome Sudoku Vala Port - Thomas Andersen

= GNOME Technologies =

Laurent Contzen - Creation of a new library providing models and widgets to display and choose contacts - Guillaume Desmottes

Richard Schwarting - GXml and GObject Serialisation - Alberto Ruiz

Rūdolfs Mazurs - Lockdown editor - Ryan Lortie

Žan Doberšek - Support for Gamepad API in WebKitGTK+ and general gamepad configuration options in System Settings - Carlos Garcia Campos

Fabien Parent - Development of a graphical profiler for GNOME - Dodji Seketeli

Riko Yamada - GUPnP - Jens Georg

= Other Applications =

Udesh Liyanaarachchi - Voice Control For Banshee - Alexander Kojevnikov

Timo Dörr - Improve overall Mac OS X port of Banshee - Olivier Dufour

Moritz Lüdecke - Helping on anjuta mades everybody happy - Johannes Schmid

Stefano Candori - Revamp of the Activity Journal - Thorsten Prante

Izidor Matušov - Collaborative Getting Things GNOME! - Lionel Dricot

Steve Scheel - Refactor and Rework the Task Editor of Getting Things Gnome - Luca Invernizzi

Baptiste Saleil - Integrate GTG to Gnome-Shell - Luca Invernizzi

Beth Hadley - Activity Development for GCompris, especially Music Education - Bruno Coudoin

Matilda Bernard - Integration of multiple theme based activities in the existing GCompris suite - Bruno Coudoin

Valentín Barros Puertas - Get an useful state to Shotwell Faces tool - Adam Dingle

Ngewi Fet - GNUcash Android Application - Muslim Chochlov

= Developer Documentation =

Marta Maria Casetti - Developer Documentation for Python - Tiffany Antopolski

Taryn Fox - Developer Documentation for JavaScript - Tiffany Antopolski

Monica Kochofar - Developer Documentation for C - Tiffany Antopolski

= Documentation =

Radina Matic - Documentation - Tiffany Antopolski and Bertrand Rousseau

= Design =

Barbara Muraus - Graphic Design - Jakub Steiner

Fabiana Pedreira Simões - User Experience Design - Allan Day

= Web Development =

Elena Petrevska - Web Development - Christy Eller and Andreas Nilsson

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