Self Introduction

Hello everyone,

I'm Giovanni Campagna and I'm a first year student at Politecnico di
Milano, Italy. This is my first GSoC, but I've been a GNOME
contributor for a while, so it's possible you already know me. If not,
we'll meet in Spain, I guess.

This summer I'll be working, mentored by Marina Zhurakhinskaya, on
reimplementing the screensaver and lock screen inside GNOME Shell,
bringing it in the Brave New 3.0 World. This basically entails taking
the designs at
and turning them into working code.
The new lock screen will feature a new shell-styled look, multi-stack
authentication through gdm (so you'll be able to unlock by password,
fingerprint or smartcard) and an overview of notifications, including
chat and music.

I'm looking forward on a great Summer Of Code, literally!


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